Landsharks for Shark week is a Charity and Fundraiser for Ocean Conservation and Shark Research.

Are you passionate about the ocean and fascinated by sharks? Do you eagerly await Shark Week every year? If so, we have an incredible event you need to know about.

What started as a small college watch party has evolved into an extraordinary gathering beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout the years, as word spread about our mission and the event grew, the "Shark Elders" seized the opportunity to transform our humble Shark Week celebration into a fundraiser for Ocean Conservation and Shark Research. We're even proud to have "adopted" three Sharks: Finny, Finora, and Rita Ville from Bimini Shark Lab, tracking their growth and location through her PIT and SAT tags!

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Follow Rita Ville's Journey Here

Our event has grown exponentially, now spanning the entirety of shark week thanks to our loyal finbassadors that help us celebrate at Shark HQ and from distant shores. From tradition-rich opening ceremonies and reviewing our ancient fourteen-year-old Shark Week Rules List with a week packed with fintastic programming, epic great white breaches, and of course, ice-cold Landshark Lagers. This week long event is live-streamed on Instagram and TikTok for anyone to participate, even from distant shores!

The success of our fundraiser has been remarkable. In just the past three years, we've collectively raised over $6,000 for our cause for shark research and ocean conservation.

We appreciate your consideration in donating to help this event continue for years to come. All funds raised are used for:

  1. Bimini Shark Lab: to aid in their efforts to research, educate, and train new shark experts.
  2. Fees to establish a traditional non-profit.
  3. Tools to extend our reach, including beach cleanups, etc.
  4. Giveaways and prizes to increase our donation efforts

With your generous support, we will continue our mission of raising funds for these incredible creatures during Shark Week and create a year-long mission.

We deeply appreciate you being a "Finbassador" and following our journey. Fins up, let's make a difference together!

-Vinny “Finny” Corpora

Grand Shark Elder