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Happy Father's Day

by Lizzie Perez on Jun 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day

Let’s not forget how much we can learn from each other!  Don’t forget to call your dad/father figure this Father’s Day and tell him how much you appreciate him. 

Ten Things My Dad Has Taught Me:

  1. How to light fireworks with expired flares.
  2. Pull up, reel down.
  3. Start reeling after two tugs, but don’t ESPN-it.
  4. Unplug the toaster before using a fork to get your toast.
  5. Brown, brown run a-ground. Blue, blue sail on through.  Green, green nice and clean.  Black, black head on back. 
  6. How to tow something in an already oversized truck.
  7. How to properly pour concrete so you don’t get puddles and have a good foundation
  8. How to fish and tie my own hook
  9. How to hunt sustainably.
  10. Shoot the flare gun twice


Ten Things I Taught My Dad:

  1. Red, red arrowhead. White, white screw on tight.  Black, black salty back.
  2. Red next to yellow, kill a fellow.
  3. How to use the NHC website past looking at the cone
  4. Everything about water polo
  5. How to identify poisonwood, willow, and gumbo limbo.
  6. The importance of corals and how they grow
  7. How to identify venomous vs. nonvenomous snakes
  8. How to find the North Star
  9. How to find Hidden Mickeys
  10. How a man should treat a woman

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