• Fish Fraud

    Fish Fraud
    Seeing the words fish fraud  probably inspires some pretty comedic imagery in your mind, but believe it or not, it’s real.    Restaurants across the world will serve one type of fish and call it another.  So, while it is not fish in pinstripe suites defrauding other fish, this poses serious problems in the fishing industry.  It may seem completely innocent to advertise snappers and serve...
  • Conservation Documentaries That Aren't Blackfish or Seaspiracy

    Conservation Documentaries That Aren't Blackfish or Seaspiracy
    Conservation has been gaining traction in recent years; however, it has also fostered an environment ripe for fear-mongering.  Many documentaries focus on our ‘doomed future’ and the seemingly unstoppable degradation of our world’s climate.  Seaspiracy villainizes you for enjoying seafood, and Blackfish created a bandwagon for the uninformed anti-captivity crowd.  Don’t worry readers, Lizzie has compiled a short list of must-watch documentaries that show...
  • Plant Powered

    Plant Powered
    While veganism can receive lots of criticism for its ideals, we’re going to focus on the positive.  Going vegan can have huge health benefits.  Fruits and veggies aren’t just side dishes or meal garnish, they’re extremely good for you!  For example, blueberries are a great antioxidant, and it is said that even just a cup a week can improve your health (and ladies, it...
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