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My Favorite Marine Life to Photograph

by Lizzie Perez on Mar 08, 2021

My Favorite Marine Life to Photograph

Hi readers!  For all of my fellow underwater photography enthusiasts, here’s a list of my preferred subjects!  Reef fish have wide ranges in shape and color; making the possibilities endless when it comes to getting interesting pictures.  While some photography subjects are easier than others, each one of them holds a special place inside me when it comes to diving.  

  • 1. Queen Angels (angelfish in general)
    1. Absolutely stunning. Not very hard to take pictures of because any kind of picture you take will come out super ~aesthetic~.  My desktop wallpaper is a curious Gray Angel that was hardly six inches away from my camera.


  • 2. Pipe Fish
    1. Sit in one place. Wait until you’re barely a foot away to move and even then, they don’t move very fast.  Come in bright colors but sometimes they blend in really well.

Pipe Fish

  • 3. Christmas Tree Worms
    1. Benthic (meaning they don’t move at all). Come in a variety of colors and will always hold still for you.

Christmas Tree Worms

  • 4. Fish that Swim Alone (Sometimes or most of the time)
    1. Barracudas
    2. Jacks
    3. Hamlets
    4. Eels
    5. Groupers
    6. *Warning: while eels and barracudas are striking specimens, please keep in mind that they are known for their aggression. Always keep a safe distance and be a responsible photographer.

Fish that Swim Alone

  • 5. Corals
    1. Perfect for practicing! They won’t ever swim away from you, and most come in incredibly striking colors. 


  • 6. Really Small Things That Live on the Coral
    1. Corals, aside from being good target practice, often have amazing little surprises living on, around, and even inside of them! Underwater, the possibilities are endless.


  • 7. Parrotfish
    1. Always a classic: bright colors and easily recognizable.


  • 8. Damselfish
    1. Juveniles often sport striking colors. They are territorial over their algae gardens and tend to stay in the same area, even when chasing another fish away. 


  • 9. Glass Gobies
    1. These little guys are my biggest challenge! Even though they rest on coral heads, they always seem to know exactly when my camera shutter is about to go off because they always   However, their translucent skin makes them intriguing and beautiful.


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