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Why Lizzie Loves Sharks

by Lizzie Perez on Aug 02, 2019

Why Lizzie Loves Sharks

If you're afraid of sharks DON'T CLOSE THIS PAGE. I'd like you to face your fear and understand one of my favorite creatures on God's green Earth (or the blue part, in this case). In a lot of ways, sharks are like people. They come in all sizes, colors, can be found almost everywhere, and they're creatures of habit.

My top two favorite sharks are Great Whites and Epaulette sharks. I know it sounds cliché, but these majestic giants have had my heart since I was eight. Besides, they're incredibly mysterious; very little is known about their mating behavior or social habits. Now, for my other favorite shark, I highly encourage you to look up a video. Epaulette sharks are much smaller (70 to 90 cm), and are characterized by the large black spot behind their pectoral fins. In contrast to Great Whites, who prefer deep waters to hunt seals, Epaulette sharks dwell in tropical shallow waters.

Epaulette sharks

Sharks are an incredibly important part of the biosphere's (the Earth's) ecology. As tertiary predators (the top of the food chain) they keep prey populations in check...and therefore the rest of the food chain. You may have heard of an Asian delicacy called shark fin soup: a major role in the decimation of shark populations. The foremost thing you can do to help sharks is avoid supporting the industry. If you don't eat it, you're not supporting it. This may seem futile in the face of the global demand for shark fins, but I always say, it's the little things that count. If you happen to stumble on an establishment with shark fin soup, and you know it is not legal in your area, report it! The planet is on borrowed time, we can't afford to turn the other cheek. For my sporty people, don't fish for sharks. We all love having trophies on our walls, but please, dead sharks cannot do their job. Besides, memories and photos will last longer than taxidermy.

Happy Shark Week folks!

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